Nebulos Smoke

[Update] Quests July 18th

Silver Quests
✓ Something Snappy
✓ A Bunch of Flowers
✓ Family Of Five
✓ Low Stock Shock
✓ More Ore
✓ Thinly Sliced
✓ A Knock On The Head
✓ Bone To Pick
✓ Right Stick Left Stick
✓ What A Load Of Bull

Gold Quests
✓ Isle of Many Problems

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[Announcement] Azurion Province

Azurion Mountain
After a perilous journey to the Frozen Hills of Azurion, Nemo once again sets sail with his favourite Archon. His new ice breaker boat cuts it’s way through the Frozen Seas of Azurion and emerges safely on the other side..

✓ Azurion Province released:
✓ Crystal Fortress – Level 49 – 50
✓ Divine Temple – Level 51 – 52
✓ Azurion Pagoda – Level 53 – 54
 New experience table
 Soft level cap 55 (hard cap at level 60)
 New weapons and armours available
 New kits up to level 55 available
 Three new rare item sets with upgrade quest for a 4th
 New Potions, alchemy and food items
 New Achievements (15) available

Speak with Nemo in Azurion Sanctuary for a trip to the new province.

[Update] Quests July 16th 2018

We are back adding quests, ready for the new regions.

Added Gold Quests
✓ The Boar Next Door
✓ Legend of the Zuma

Added Silver Quests
✓ The Grand Hunt – Part 1
✓ The Grand Hunt – Part 2
✓ The Grand Hunt – Part 3
✓ History Repeats Itself
✓ If God Meant Us To Fly
✓ Never Judge A Book
✓ Revenge Is Best Served Cold
✓ The Best Form Of Defence
✓ Missing Ink

Please report any issues in the bug report section here

[Update] July 11th

Updates June 28th
✓ Resting Experience bonus now active until level 49
✓ Achievement re-calibration on kill-counts
✓ Changed some “rare” set-kit level requirements and stats
✓ Added a more defence onto Armours
✓ Added more defence onto Belts
✓ Updated various food items
✓ Updated portal stones with fix to activate them
✓ Increased drop rates on Stones (kit item)
✓ Added Scroll Of Wisdom (Identification Scroll)
✓ Added more socket items (also upgrade-able via bag)
✓ Added socket items to more bosses
✓ Added +1 more A.Speed to Storm Orbs and Gems
✓ Removed flinch effect from Frozen Ground
✓ Updated level 45 Pyromancer Skill Elder Fenghuang
✓ Updated Game Shop prices

More content coming soon. Enjoy.

[Update] June 28th

Updates June 28th
✓ Experience table adjustments to balance with new region levels
✓ Prajna Cave recalibrated for +2 levels
✓ Honghuon monsters recalibrated +1 level
✓ Black Dragon Dungeon monsters recalibrated +1 level
✓ Azurion Sanctuary monsters recalibrated +2 levels
✓ Various drop rate changes, e.g level 48 armours added
✓ Maximum Guild Level increased
✓ Released the next tier of Guild Shields (Bronze)
✓ Reduced the cost of Guild Shields

We look forward to further releases coming soon

[Update] Quests and Guilds

Added 3 Silver Quests
– Mud wall blacksmith
– Prajna blacksmith
– Gi Ryoong Weapon shop

Guild Updates
✓ Added Guild Ally Chat (Type !# AllyGuildName)
✓ Added “Guild Ally” attack mode – the normal “Guild” attack mode is no longer peaceful to allied Guilds in wars.
✓ Guild Shield Prices updated
✓ Added Castle and Ranking tabs to Guild Window (preliminary formatting until we know exactly what we want it)

New Arclord
✓ Added Valus the Ancient Arclord into spawns

[Update] Guild Update

Guild Update
✓ New Guild Window added (G) and Stats tab
✓ Guilds now level up and can posses Shields and other perks
✓ Guilds have 10 seats (member slots) as standard, more seats must be added to expand Guild
✓ Guild Member online/offline notifications
✓ New member list for easier Guild management
✓ Guild announcements (wars) added to Guild notice
✓ Second in charge (rank 2) can now manage members
✓ Collect Guild Build Points by killing bosses & reds & blues

A patch is required to connect. Please run the auto-update.

[Update] Saturday 2nd June

✓ Buff icons flash when reaching expiration
✓ Fixed error with resting exp showing as 0
✓ Monster name-view shows the name of its commander
✓ Changed Alchemy potion duration maximum to 5 hours
✓ Added in game announcement/notifications
✓ Poisoning a player pet will cause you to go brown
✓ Warriors now yell when Slaying takes effect
✓ Added fractional frame offsetting to smooth out gameplay
✓ Show FPS option added
✓ Limit FPS option added (stall FPS limited by default)
✓ Server-wide announcements for champion bosses
✓ Weapon Curse Immunity limit increased
✓ Changed Subscription duration options in GameShop

A patch is required to connect. Please run the auto-update.

[Update] Wednesday 24th January


  • Server wide announcements for champion subs/bosses spawning
  • Applied a framerate balancer to smooth out gameplay – let me know if there is anything unusual happening
  • Gameshop potion times increased

[Update] Saturday 20th January

Server updates

⦁ Red and blue champion monster strength reduced
⦁ Stormcaller can tame 1 red champion, no blue champion limit
⦁ Castle owners now get a 10% discount from merchants within their commission
⦁ Merchants within a Castle’s commission will now collect 8% tax to the treasury
⦁ Player vs player body item death drop rate is now 1/100 per item
⦁ Portal locations are now closer to safe-zones
⦁ Blue Freeze no longer works in PvP
⦁ All items that “Break on death in drop zones” no longer break in PvP
⦁ Monster processing has been updated to prevent them lagging
⦁ Karma reading NPC added to Taoist School
⦁ Three cracked gems can be used in the bag upgrade system to create a normal gem
⦁ Moved the Lords away from dungeon entrances into the first map
⦁ Evil Mir power upgrades more slowly, push range reduced
⦁ Fixed errors in monster AI, movement and targetting
⦁ Portals to Azurion and Pachong are now open

Client Updates

⦁ Graphic rendering updates to give a smoother fairer game
⦁ Merchant shops have been updated with a new interface
⦁ “Super rare” items now have a unique name colour and warn on drop
⦁ Added glow effects for entering and exiting safe-zones
⦁ Players with maximum Karma produce a body glow

A client update is needed to connect.

“Better late than never”