Game Guide

Welcome to the Rise of the Archons game guide. For more in depth guides, visit the links below:

? Interface guide and settings options
? Character and Archon guide
? Creating a new character and starting the game..
? Skill and spell tree features
? Provinces and regions of Archia
? Crafting and salvaging items
? Runes and orbs with magical properties


Stats and attributes

There are two main power sources from which characters draw their energy: Primal and Arcane.

Primal Power (DC):Barbarian – AssassinHunter – Necromancer
Arcane Power (MC):Pyromancer – StormcallerMysticMonk

This energy can be channeled further through elemental sources such as: ☀ Fire, ⁂ Ice, ⚡ Lightning, ❦ Holy, ☤ Dark, and ☠ Poison.


⚪ HP: (Health points) Your life force, when depleted, you die
⚪ MP: (Mana Points) Used to cast spells and use skill
⚪ AC: (Armour Class) Armour protects your from physical damage
⚪ MAC: (Magic Armour Class) Protects you from magic damage

⚪ Accuracy: A higher accuracy increases the chance of a successful hit
⚪ Agility: A higher agility increases the chance of a successful dodge

⚪ Poison Res: (Resistance) Decreases your chances on infection
⚪ Poison Rec: (Recovery) Reduces the time an infection will hold you
⚪ HP Recovery: Reduces the recovery time of your health
⚪ MP Recovery: Reduces the recovery time of your mana
⚪ Attack Speed: Increases the speed at which you recover attacks

⚪ Reflect Dmg: (Damage) Your chances to reflect damage dealt
⚪ Physical Damage Reduction: Any physical damage will be reduced
⚪ Magic Damage Reduction: Any magic damage will be reduced

⚪ Ignore Def: (Defence) Chance of bypassing the targets defences
⚪ Luck: Improves your chances of striking maximum damage
⚪ Slow: Your chances of causing an enemy to be chilled or frozen
⚪ Critical Strike: Your chances of causing a critical strike of 150%

⚪ Exp Rate: The rate at which your experience is calculated
⚪ Drop Rate: The rate at which your drops are calculated
⚪ Magic Find: The rate at which items you find will be imbued
⚪ Gold Find: The rate at which you find gold