[Update] Saturday 2nd June

✓ Buff icons flash when reaching expiration
✓ Fixed error with resting exp showing as 0
✓ Monster name-view shows the name of its commander
✓ Changed Alchemy potion duration maximum to 5 hours
✓ Added in game announcement/notifications
✓ Poisoning a player pet will cause you to go brown
✓ Warriors now yell when Slaying takes effect
✓ Added fractional frame offsetting to smooth out gameplay
✓ Show FPS option added
✓ Limit FPS option added (stall FPS limited by default)
✓ Server-wide announcements for champion bosses
✓ Weapon Curse Immunity limit increased
✓ Changed Subscription duration options in GameShop

A patch is required to connect. Please run the auto-update.