[Update] Saturday 20th January

Server updates

⦁ Red and blue champion monster strength reduced
⦁ Stormcaller can tame 1 red champion, no blue champion limit
⦁ Castle owners now get a 10% discount from merchants within their commission
⦁ Merchants within a Castle’s commission will now collect 8% tax to the treasury
⦁ Player vs player body item death drop rate is now 1/100 per item
⦁ Portal locations are now closer to safe-zones
⦁ Blue Freeze no longer works in PvP
⦁ All items that “Break on death in drop zones” no longer break in PvP
⦁ Monster processing has been updated to prevent them lagging
⦁ Karma reading NPC added to Taoist School
⦁ Three cracked gems can be used in the bag upgrade system to create a normal gem
⦁ Moved the Lords away from dungeon entrances into the first map
⦁ Evil Mir power upgrades more slowly, push range reduced
⦁ Fixed errors in monster AI, movement and targetting
⦁ Portals to Azurion and Pachong are now open

Client Updates

⦁ Graphic rendering updates to give a smoother fairer game
⦁ Merchant shops have been updated with a new interface
⦁ “Super rare” items now have a unique name colour and warn on drop
⦁ Added glow effects for entering and exiting safe-zones
⦁ Players with maximum Karma produce a body glow

A client update is needed to connect.

“Better late than never”