Frequently Asked Questions


What sort of game is Rise of the Archons

RotA is an open world, massively multiplayer online role playing game. Players choose from eight character classes, who will join forces using skills and magic in order to protect mankind from the forces of the Arcane Lords. Players may also choose to fight each other in their crusade for power.

Is Rise of the Archons online?

RotA is not yet online. We will be announcing details of it’s arrival shortly after the testing period is completed and we feel the game is completely ready to play.

How can I download Rise of the Archons?

A download for RotA will be submitted prior to the release of RotA, after the beta testing period. Keep up to date by signing up.

How do I create an account in Rise of the Archons?

The account server will be available for registrations shortly. For the time being you can register your interest by submitting yourself for consideration as a beta tester.

What are the system requirements for RotA?

Rise of the Archons requires a Windows OS to run. You will see improved compatibility if you set RotA.exe to run in compatibility mode for “Windows XP SP3” and “Run this program as an Administrator”.