[Update] July 11th

Updates June 28th
✓ Resting Experience bonus now active until level 49
✓ Achievement re-calibration on kill-counts
✓ Changed some “rare” set-kit level requirements and stats
✓ Added a more defence onto Armours
✓ Added more defence onto Belts
✓ Updated various food items
✓ Updated portal stones with fix to activate them
✓ Increased drop rates on Stones (kit item)
✓ Added Scroll Of Wisdom (Identification Scroll)
✓ Added more socket items (also upgrade-able via bag)
✓ Added socket items to more bosses
✓ Added +1 more A.Speed to Storm Orbs and Gems
✓ Removed flinch effect from Frozen Ground
✓ Updated level 45 Pyromancer Skill Elder Fenghuang
✓ Updated Game Shop prices

More content coming soon. Enjoy.