[Announcement] Azurion Province

Azurion Mountain
After a perilous journey to the Frozen Hills of Azurion, Nemo once again sets sail with his favourite Archon. His new ice breaker boat cuts it’s way through the Frozen Seas of Azurion and emerges safely on the other side..

✓ Azurion Province released:
✓ Crystal Fortress – Level 49 – 50
✓ Divine Temple – Level 51 – 52
✓ Azurion Pagoda – Level 53 – 54
 New experience table
 Soft level cap 55 (hard cap at level 60)
 New weapons and armours available
 New kits up to level 55 available
 Three new rare item sets with upgrade quest for a 4th
 New Potions, alchemy and food items
 New Achievements (15) available

Speak with Nemo in Azurion Sanctuary for a trip to the new province.