Provinces and Regions

Rise of the Archons contains 14 Provinces with hundreds of dungeons all interconnected in a vast open world environment. Players of all classes and creeds, levels and experience are able to interact and team up with few limitations on who goes where. Some restrictions are however in place to protect new and low level players.

There are a mix of instanced and persistent dungeons for all levels of players. Expansive maps and dungeons lay waiting for those brave and strong enough to claim their treasures and defeat their guardians.

The world is divided into two worlds, the Old and the New.


The Seven Provinces of the Old World

With the growing strength of the human race, villages are being reestablished across Archia. From the swamps of Woomyon, to the chilling highlands of Azurion, battles are fought between good and evil.



Province Start Location
P1 – Bichon
P2 – Woomyon
P3 – Mongchon
P4– Gi-Ryoong
P5 – Prajna
P6 – Azurion
P7 – Honghuon
S1 – Border Town
S2 – Gingko Tree Valley
S3 – Taoist Village


The Seven Provinces of the New World

For many thousands of years, the New World has been banished of humans. The power of the Lords here is unwavering, it is truly a cruel place to be.

P1 – Pangu
P2 – Hulijing
P3 – Ganhan
P4– Panthera
P5 – Daozang
P6 – Thundra
P7 – Ranshao