The user interface is split into five basic areas; 1) Chat and controls, 2) Map and Radar, 3) Companion and pets, 4) Buff icons, 5) Skill bar. Find more information on each of these below.


Chat and controls

At the very bottom of the screen is the char bar and game controls. Press enter to begin talking, or click on someone’s name be send a private message. Filter chat by using one of the filter buttons, or open up your inventory, character view, skill window and options window with the buttons to the right.


Map and Radar

The map and radar is located to the top right of the screen.

This is an important feature and you will find it very important while hunting. Monsters, bosses, NPCs and Quests are marked out here. You can expand this to full screen for a better look at your surroundings.


Companion and pets

Your companions and pet widgets are located in the top left of the screen. These display health points and statistics.


Buff icons

Buff icons are located in the top centre of the screen. These show status effects that have been attributed to your player, buffs and curses or bonus experience.

Buff Icons


Skill bar

The skill bar is located in the centre right of the screen. The order of your skills is shown, as well as cool-down-times. Hover over an icon for more information about the skill, such as damage, requirements to level and adverse effects.

The skill bar is displayed to remind you the details of a skill, and which key it has been assigned to. With such a skill-rich game there are three skill racks using Function keys – meaning your favourite 24 skills are at hand.

Interface Options

There are a number of options (F12) you can toggle for preference:

? Show Damage: Show the damage done on monsters/players
? Durability Hint: Give a notification about low durability
? Big floor items: Make floor items bigger
? Target Info: Show information of the target
? Name View: Show the names of players
? Drop View: Show the names of dropped items
? Stalls Visible: Toggle stalls on/off
? Pet Icons: Toggle pet icons on/off
? Buff Icons: Toggle buff icons on/off