Beginning Rise of the Archons

Once you have created an account, and installed the game, you are ready to log in and create your first character.


Creating a character

Creating a new character is simple, after logging into your account and selecting the “Create Character” button, you will be presented with three options:

1) Select your character’s profession
2) Select your character’s gender
3) Give your character a name

A short description of the professions is shown at this point, but for more information, view details of character classes.


Beginning as a new player

As a new player, your journey will begin in one of three locations; Border Town, Gingko Tree Valley and Taoist village. Your starting location is decided by the type of character you choose to play. Each of the starting locations has it’s own adventure pathway up until level 22, at which point all the character classes will join forces.

Not all characters were created equal.

With each job class there are unique quests and lore, helping to develop the character and their roles in Rise of the Archons. Eventually the progress of your character’s story will align with the other classes.

A fellowship of Archons, travelling through to the fourteen provinces, their cities and their dungeons.


After you have created your character and entered the game world, you will immediately begin exploring the world and completing quests. Make sure you are fully dressed and holding a weapon in your hands! Press your Status Icon (F10)Status (F10)and your Inventory Icon (F9)Inventory Icon (F9). If you have item to wear then pick them up from your back with a left click and place them onto your body.

Get to know your local merchants. Left click on any of the NPCs (non-playable characters) and see if they have any missions for you.. Look out for the quest makers above NPCs as you journey through the world, some quests are hidden and will not shop up unless you discover them. Quests will guide you through the game, speed up your experience gains, and help you gain money and loot.