[Update] Wednesday 19th April


  • Skills 31+ have been removed from shop and put into drops
  • Armours 33+ have been removed from shop and put into drops
  • Soul Amulet damage increased
  • Burning Amulet damage increased, fire burn duration doubled
  • Contain skill is wider, has a new stat “level to contain” and can only be used once
  • Rounding correction on skills such as E-Shock so that level 10 is required for 5 pets
  • Fixed missing Fallen Hero Achievement
  • Fixed Blunt Shot level up requirement
  • Undead Soldier removed cooldown
  • Summon Shinsu removed cooldown
  • Fixed MAC/Curse bug
  • Added Woomataurus Horn to drops…
  • Added @roll for group leaders, random number out of 100
  • Added Dice to Peddler NPCs
  • Fixed buff “Can not find skill” error
  • Lowered Archer delay after summoning orbs
  • Added some smoothing to Assassin double slashing to help with speed increases

Please remember you need to patch the game to receive some of these benefits. If you have not patched then it is more likely that you are missing out, rather than gaining anything.