[Update] Tuesday 18th April

Congratulations on 60 players reaching level 29+ today. As promised the level cap will be raised.

New Level Cap: 39
Soft Level Cap: 36

Soft cap buff:

  • +20% Magic Find
  • +20% Gold Find
  • +20% Drop Rate

Today’s updates and fixes:

  • Ancient Cunning increased from 1-3% to 2-5%
  • Added two new achievements 5k Stone temple kills and 6k ZT kills
  • Lowered delay after casting Fire Orb / Ice Orb skills
  • New command @who added (display user-count)
  • New command @pkpoint added (display player kill points)
  • Increased duration you can lay on the floor dead to 6 minutes
  • Fixed bug showing placeholder quests!!
  • Fixed spelling errors on deal cancellation
  • Fixed tooltip update problems on skills
  • Fixed Evil Ape quest in West cavern
  • Moved text overlay of HP on revelation to above bar
  • Dead monsters do not show on nameview
  • Spell lock now remains after using a non-lock skill
  • Simplified Book of the Dead quest
  • Lowered DC accross all Barbarian weapons
  • Increased Decimate damage output
  • Increased Slash skill damage output
  • Dispatch does 10% more damage to undead