[Update] Friday 21st April

Congratulations on the two level 35 players. 

  • Ice Barrage will no longer push players
  • Blunt Shot will no longer push players
  • Blunt shot has a increased push range (1-3 yards) to maximum of 8 yards away from monster
  • Hunter summon orb delay fixed once and for all (maybe)
  • Updated BluntShot, LegShot and SplinterShot tooltips
  • Revive will not cool-down if you miss………
  • Frozen Ground will no longer cast onto areas you cannot walk
  • Frozen Ground progression fixed and added freeze-rate tool-tip
  • Frozen Ground damage progression balanced (slight decrease to slight increase)
  • Fire Wall damage progression balanced (slight decrease to slight increase)
  • Increased the rate at which Resting Experience is gained (every minute after resting)
  • Added a “Windowed Mode” tab in options to enable and disable windowed mode – game reboot required
  • Auction House fixed error with dura (sorry if you were caught out by this)
  • Auction House fixed item ghosting on pressing escape after submitting an item
  • Auction House listings are now new to old
  • Guild creation NPC added into Bichon Wall Palace
  • Random Teleport disabled in Wooma Temple Kings Room
  • Half gains for PK points per kill
  • Sabuk Wall potion shop added
  • Fixed bug with achievements

Tomorrow we will finally add the skill reset system! There will be a quest to allow you to reset points for free, with more quests coming later on at certain points in the game. A scroll will also be added to the Game Shop. Again sorry for the delay, I know many people need this due to our changes to skills.