[Update] Monday 17th April

New Silver Quests:

  1. Spelunking
  2. Candle in the Wind
  3. The Bat Man
  4. Betting Man
  5. Gambling Man
  6. Should’ve Gone To
  7. Ready Steady Cook
  8. The Spider Man

General updates and modifications:

  • Halfmoons now work despite number of surrounding monsters
  • Poison colours now show on blue/red monsters
  • Fixed a progression bug with Mystic/Monk questline
  • Zombie charger description updated to show poison duration
  • Shinsu speed increased slightly
  • Quest window will automatically load each time you select a quest NPC
  • Standard double slash skills slowed down so A.Speed is more effective

Modifications to Stormcaller class:

  • XueLong cooldown lowered on
  • XueLong attack distance extended
  • Electric shock increased to 5 pets
  • Electric shock pet taming level increased to + 3
  • Thunder Nova requirement dropped 1 level to 23
  • Ice Barrage requirement dropped 1 level to 26
  • Frozen Ground requirement dropped 3 levels to 28
  • Frozen Shield requirement dropped 1 level to 33

Thank you for taking the time to complain and help us improve the game