[Update] Monday 24th April

Been working hard over the weekend for this one. Hope to tackle a few of the major issues as well as some of the finer ones.

General Updates:

  • Added Sabuk secret passage and Zombies!!! Ahh!!
  • Added “Skill Reset Scroll” quest (Lest we Reset) and in Game Shop (there will be more quests for this scroll at various higher levels)
  • Added skill books and armours to level 30+ monsters
  • Sub-Bosses given level 1000+ status and new drop files
    • WoomaGuardian
    • GiantKeratoid
    • EvilTongs
    • WhiteEvilBoar
    • RedThunderZuma
  • Fixed a damage calculation bug for skills such as Fire Wall and Frozen Ground
  • Added rare drops to super and champion monsters (blue/red)
  • Added rare drops to normal monsters (v. low chance)
  • Fixed issue with recently tamed pets that were then attacking allies
  • No log out allowed in Wooma Temple Palace
  • Expanded doorways at Wooma Temple Palace -> Wooma Temple 2nd Floor and back
  • Players, pets, monsters cannot be pushed or recalled onto doorways
  • Some skills now begin cooldown on log-in
  • Halfmoon, doublslash and thrusting can now be disabled when you have low MP
  • All character classes now have access to 13 skills by level 40


  • Lowered the level of Storm Thrust from 35 to 20
  • Added Terrifying Roar at level 35
  • Added Twin Drake Blade at level 38
  • Added Rage at level 40
  • StormThrust made weaker and adjusted progression
  • Fire Thrust made weaker and adjusted progression
  • Fire Thrust and Storm Thrust cost mana¬†


  • Added Sanctuary at level 35
  • Added Scorch at level 38
  • Added Magic Booster at level 40
  • Increase pauses between hits on meteor
  • Increase damage on Fire Blast
  • Increase damage on Suanni


  • Shinsu is now faster
  • Shinsu does more damage on level progression
  • Increased Soul Abulet damage
  • Increased Burning Amulet damage
  • Increased Burning Amulet’s burning damage
  • Added Summon Angel at level 35
  • Added Tiger Charge at level 38
  • Added Revitalise at level 40
  • Added more MC to Oracle


  • Added base 8 A.Speed
  • Lowered A.Speed on weapons
  • Lowered level of skill Ruthlessness to 30
  • Added Petrification at level 35
  • Added Crimson Tempest at level 38
  • Added Defiance at level 40
  • Increased power of Corrupt Sword


  • Lower level Hunting Wolves from 37 to 28
  • Added Isolate at level 38
  • Added Head Shot at level 40


  • Added Charged Heart at level 35
  • Added Blizzard at level 38
  • Added Focus at level 40
  • Frozen Ground stays at 30 second duration (no degenerative ‘progression’)
  • Increase damage on IceBlast
  • Increase damage on Thunder Strike


  • Skeleton gets more HP when it upgrades graphics (player level 28)
  • Decimate runs with Morgul Blade and consumes poison bags
  • Added Blood Bond at level 27
  • Added Unholy Power at level 38
  • Added Soul Shatter at level 40
  • Added more gains to skeleton DC on skill progression


  • Lowered the level of Holy Shock from 36 to 15
  • Added Diamond Skin at level 35
  • Added Jade Lightning at level 40
  • Increase gains on Divine skill for all round more damage
  • Increased target success rate of Holy Fire and Holy Shock

Reboot will take place at 17:00 BST and end around 17:30 BST.