[Update] Sunday 16th April

New Level Caps:

  • Hard level cap at 32 (at level 32 you will no longer be able to receive exp from monsters)
  • Soft level cap at 29 (at level 30 you will receive 50% exp and at level 31 you will receive 25% exp)

The level cap will be raised on the day that more than 30 players have reached the soft level cap, or on the 21st April (whichever comes first).

If you reach the cap, we would like players to be positive and try to explore the game. Maybe help out a new player or start another
yourself (50% experience bonus for your second character). We like to read your constructive criticism on the forums so you are
invited to post and highlight things you like or do not like.

Today’s update (10:30 BST until 11:00 BST):

  • Variable spawn rates increased for all dungeons
  • Slightly reduced group exp share proportions for larger groups
  • No longer kicked from group on death
  • Increased resting exp to reflect the increased level cap
  • Fixed price on HealthBundle(M) bundle
  • Stormcallers may only tame 1 blue aura pet
  • Fixed issue with Guild NPCs not letting you join
  • Pyromancer and Stormcaller HP increased by 33%

We appreciate that this is a very different game to other servers, and that the metrics do not match up to your expectations, that
however, does not mean they are wrong (or even right). Things have been set up to satisfy the grand design, which is going to unfold
over the course of the game being online. Such includes, another 20 or so skills for each character class. The skills are coded
mostly ready for the game, just not yet assigned to a level. With your input, we can fill in the gaps of character balance with these

Quests. We did not anticipate the level of interest there would be in quests. We also thought that the 50 or so quest available would
be enough to keep you entertained. Clearly this was a mistake. You are loving the quests, and there is no where near enough! We are
working hard to implement many, many, more quests, however, since it takes around 1-2 hours to write and test each one, this is going
to be an ongoing project.

We plan on releasing updates daily for at least the next month to stay on top of issues. Reboots are likely to happen in the early mornings.

We hope you have fun