[Update] Friday June 9th

Updates, in no real order:

  • Increased player base Agil by 5
  • Lowered all monster Acc
  • Map information hotkey ‘M’
  • Reduced the gradient of exp loss from monsters that are lower level than player
  • Slashed Achievement kill requirements by up to 50%
  • Level cap perks increase by 10% each level above the cap
  • Ice Barrage does not push monsters
  • Resting Experience perk increased +50% for every +10 levels below soft cap (ie +200% @ 16-22, +150% @ 22-32, +100% @ 32-40)
  • Removed freezing ability from Holy Deva ice ball attack but increased slow chance
  • Random teleporting allowed in Wooma Temple (KR excluded)
  • Fewer Wooma Guardian’s spawn but drop rates increased and updated
  • Woomataurus drop rates increased
  • Evil Tong and Evil Centipede drops increased
  • White Evil Boar and Evil Snake drops increased
  • Random teleporting allowed in Zuma Temple 5th
  • Red Thunder Zumas spread out across Zuma Temple and drop rates increased
  • Zumataurus drop rates increased
  • Random teleporting allowed in PSC F5, PMC F4 and PT F5/6
  • Mutant Overseer and Super Mutant Hybrid drops rates increased
  • Bone Captain and Bone Lord drops rates increased
  • Spawns in Prajna Temple have been increased
  • Minotaur Bull added to Prajna Temple and Minotaur King drop rates increased
  • Drops added to Devil Nodes in Honghuon
  • Updated drops from Honghuon monsters (higher level gear)
  • Updated drops from Black Dragon Dungeon monsters (higher level gear)
  • Fixed no player drops in Evil Mir’s Lair
  • Random teleporting allowed in BDD 9/10th
  • King Hog and Dark Devil AI updated
  • King Scorpion, King Hog and Dark Devil drop rates increased
  • All lords and their commanders drop rates increased
  • All lords and their commanders have large HP reduction
  • Reduced spawn rate of red champion monsters and increased drops, increased unidentified rate, increased unidentified quality
  • Increased spawn rate of blue super monsters and increased drops, increased unidentified rate, increased unidentified quality
  • Increased experience progressively from Prajna Island onwards
  • Reduced monster DC from Woomyon Woods onwards
  • Monster HP reduced in Honguon
  • Monster HP reduced in Black Dragon Dungeon
  • Stormcaller can tame 1 Left/Right Guard, Mutant Excavators, Cave Worms (PSC) and Toxic Toads (Honghuon)
  • Boss HP reduction from Evil Centipede onward

Hunter updates:
The hunter update is designed to improve viability and excitement. There will be another “phase” when we have assessed this update and see it in action (so we know we are heading in the right direction).

  • Skill High Shot replaced by Toxic Vine – A pet that spits poisonous bugs at enemy monsters
  • Skill Blunt Shot replaced by Spread Shot – An arrow skill that shoots up to 6 arrows at different monsters
  • Skill Resolute replaced by Freezing Trap – A trap that causes moderate damage and slow
  • Skill Resolute merged with Elemental Sprite and % increased
  • Fixed shift attack on players not targeting properly
  • Aimed Shot hits for significantly greater accuracy the closer you are to the target
  • Two or more hunters can now place traps in the same location
  • Group members can see Hunter trap locations
  • Can place traps under monsters/players
  • New trap location graphics
  • Automatic skill stat reset will take place for hunters logging in game

Coming Soon:
We are sorry to have taken so long with this update but we hope that the results will go some way to satisfy everyone. The next main aim is to review and revise all skills. Enigma has created two threads for players to provide their feedback:

In the meantime we are also working to open up to another two provinces to supplement the current ones and cover levels from 38 to 48. We hope to be able to deliver this by Friday 23rd June.