[Update] Friday 16th June

As promised we have started the review of skills and this weeks updates are listed below. This review is going to continue through next week as we make some more changed that were not ready for today’s patch

  • New Province released: SeeĀ Spider Island Announcement
  • Added Bichon wall to ‘H’ home location for level 28 and above
  • Added more Urns to spawns and to their drop files


  • Halfmoon damage increased
  • Aegis rate updated to a fixed profile
  • Rage rate updated to a fixed profile


  • Suanni damage slightly increased on normal/players
  • Meteor deals 3 equally powerful blows
  • Immolate explosion range increased to 2, damage reduced
  • Sanctuary AC increased


  • Tiger Charge damage increased, cooldown decreased, slow rate increased


  • Crimson Tempest increased damage to undead
  • Defiance rate updated to a fixed profile


  • Updated missing drops on new monsters
  • Summon skills do not use amulets when recalling pets
  • Damage increase to skill Spread Shot
  • Removed cooldown on Spread Shot
  • Fixed the pause with pet Spitting plant attacks
  • Freezing Trap range same as other traps
  • New Hunter arrow stones added to drops


  • Ice Blast slow rate slightly increased
  • Thunder Strike Damage slightly increased on undead
  • Blizzard deals 3 equally powerful blows


  • Poison Spear damage slightly increased
  • Zombie Charger damage slightly increased
  • Blood Bond slightly reduced %


  • Increased rate of holy X skills
  • Holy X skills no longer hit pets
  • Holy Fire has new graphic on Monk skill tick
  • Diamond Skin increased protection rate