[Update] Friday 26th May

  • Fixed Revive MP/HP rates
  • Made fonts more clear on screen
  • Cleaned up game rendering procedure for smoother game play
  • Increased some skill frame rates
  • Centred the player horizontally in the screen (for some reason it was off left)
  • Corrected skill centring issues
  • Added Curse Protection Oils
  • Added Dura Defender Lamps
  • Reduced knockback times to help with stun lock
  • Improved Xue Long targeting
  • Increased duration on Revitalise
  • Fixed bug with Shoulder Dash causing player to get stuck (? please confirm)
  • Increased monster item drop radius from 3 to 5
  • Fixed bug where monsters do not drop items when killed on piles of corpses
  • Expedited corpse decay where corpses are piling up too fast
  • PK Protect Level raised from 11 to 16
  • Red PK Protect Level raised from 16 to 22
  • Sharpened some of the anti-cheat tools
  • Blood bond will now update if you recast it on a pet
  • Slightly increased experience from Honghuon Omas and in Black Dragon Dungeon
  • Snake Fangs and Snake Sinew can be destroyed on drop
  • Increased rate of benediction oil drops

An update will be required to connect.

The next main project will be to revive hunters with some replacement skills