[Update] Sunday 14th May

  • Added damage gradient to Devastation and Thunder Nova: 70%, 100%, 135%, <player>, 135%, 100%, 70%
  • Hunter Orb explosion damage calculated per monster
  • Hunter Orbs can be recast while still active
  • Added “cannot place a trap here” on certain locations and limitations on para
  • Necromancer can swap active bloodbond for another pet
  • Reanimate monsters up to 3 levels above you
  • One hit protection HP drop increased from 5% to 10% (HP you are left with when hit from 95%+ health)
  • Prevented unnecesarry double charging of flamesword type skills
  • Fixed random lag spike on using charging skills (please confirm?)

Instead of releasing Sabuk War registrations in the first instance, we have decided to hold a grand war for the first Sabuk Wall holder guild. This will take place on Sunday 21st May. All user created Guilds will be invited for free. You have one week to prepare. And we also have one week to continue work towards balancing pvp!

We are looking at opening up the next province and expansion on Friday 19th May. More details will be available soon.