[Update] Friday 12th May

There will be a reboot at 11:00 BST. The server should be back online by 11:30 BST.

  • Added Marbles which can be used in the bag upgrade system
  • Added solo rares – a new drop file for each monster when killed by a solo player (drops include marbles)
  • Added functionality to the bag upgrade system:
    • 3 Marbles = cracked gem
    • more to come with that
  • With the solo rares added, there has been a slight increase to group experience share (still lower than before)
  • Arrow Quiver sizes increased to 1000
  • Poison Bag sizes doubled
  • New lower rates on Gem breakages to make certain gems more viable
  • New upper limits for certain gems and orbs to make certain gems and orbs more viable
  • Lowered distance for pet recall on recast skill
  • Modified Twin Drake Blade skill
  • All items that “Break on death in drop zones” no longer break in PvP
  • Summon skills now summon pets at level 0-3
  • Blood Bond now cancels with @slaughter
  • Increased Reanimate count to 6
  • Reanimates summon with 3 x HP
  • Reanimates time increased to 10 minutes
  • Reanimate no longer cools down on misses (are there any other skills like this?)
  • Reanimates do not attack players
  • Reduced fireburn on Burning Amulet to 30 seconds in PVP
  • Small increase to Devastation base damage
  • Decimate damage increased
  • Undead Soldier damage increased

Hunters. I know I keep on neglecting hunters, but in order to correct this class we need a good few days to redesign skills and implement them properly. This would put a hold on everything else and is not currently fair on the other 7 classes.