[Event] Double Experience Events

There will be a series of two hour double experience events.

  1. Wednesday Evening 20:00 BST to 22:00 BST 17th May (8pm to 10pm)
  2. Early Thursday 02:00 BST to 04:00 BST 18th May (2 am to 4 am)
  3. Thursday Morning 08:00 BST to 10:00 BST 18th May (8am to 10am)
  4. Thursday Afternoon 14:00 BST to 16:00 BST 18th May (2pm to 4pm)

These short timed events are held at different times of the day so that people from different times zones can enjoy them.

On Friday when we release the new content, each player affected by the recent rewind (all created characters above level 20) will be given 3 special experience potions that can be used over the following week whenever they choose to

Experience Elixir

  • Experience Rate + 100%
  • Magic Find + 50%
  • Drop Rate + 50%
  • Last for 120 minutes
  • Expires on 26th May