[Announcement] Honghuon and Black Dragon Dungeon

ise of the Archons will be offline from 17:00 BST to 18:00 BST on Friday 19th May in order to implement the update.

Honghuon (Past Bichon)
This is an ancient land, tucked behind a desolate valley. Accessible only by sea, it is home to a barbaric breed of Omas and their brutal king. Although few humans reside in Honghuon Fortress, a great tale of a dragon they will tell.

A province renowned for it’s Black Dragon Dungeon. A castle built for one purpose; defence of Woomyon. An unlikely alliance of serpents and ghouls rule here, under the command of the Dark Devil, Devouros’s pretender.

With the recent uprising of human power spreading throughout their kingdoms, a troubled Barbarus has commanded five of his lords back to their thrones.

What’s coming?

  • Two new provinces released
  • New drop tables accessible
  • New item kits in drops
  • New achievements to collect
  • New Arclords to fight
Coming Friday 19 May @ 18:00 BST