[Update] Wednesday 10th May

This update is designed around improving pvp ready for the release of Sabuk on Sunday.
We realise that we must set some kind of standard, and so from now on, all dungeons will prevent random teleportation in king rooms.

  • Trial of 50% damage reduction applied to pvp
  • Removed random teleport use on all Prajna boss rooms
  • No longer allowed to log out on final two rooms in prajna areas
  • Mana reduction on Fire Thrust, Storm Thrust, Fire Slash and Lightning Slash
  • Mana reduction on Halfmmon and Decimate
  • Lowered Burning Amulet fireburn to 45 seconds
  • Added notification for time/damage for burns (ie Burning Amulet)
  • Weapon Special Repair added to PI, BW and MW
  • WarGodOil added to GameShop and drops
  • Frozen Ground slow and freeze rate increased and duration reduced
  • Player freeze rate reduced (overall)
  • Reduced rate of curse on PK and from Benediction Oils
  • Red and Blue legendary bosses/subs have reduced strength and power
  • Updated many skill cast animation speeds
  • Added salvaging for necklaces and helmets in Mud Wall
  • Added more spawns to Prajna Temple

We have suspended a number of people using the run through and no flinch cheats over the past week and started working on the prevention system similar to the one that prevents speed cheating.