[Update] Friday 14th July

Hi all, I hope you have been enjoying a reboot free environment for the past couple of weeks! We are rebooting to clear up some bugs and correct a few imbalances. You will also notice a couple of additions:

  • Updated drop files with gear up to level 46
  • Updated stats of Red and Blue boss champions
  • Added sockets to drop files – you may not put two of the same socket into an item
  • Recall sets added to drops
  • Boss notification added – see options F12
  • Poison Cloud lowered usage to 2 poison
  • Corrupt sword fixed
  • Twin Drake Blade can now be toggled on and off
  • Storm marbles and gems added to drops
  • Updated Soul Purge success algorithm to work at higher levels
  • Players do not drop items in Sabuk Wall palace
  • Teleport Home scrolls added to Sabuk Wall peddler
  • Guild Wars should now be functioning properly (please be cautious)
  • Fixed all change of gender “head issues”
  • Auction House discounts are now applied at 5% per day for items listed over 10 days
  • Auction House “Misc” tab now includes all other items
  • Notifications when group members die/revive
  • Hiding skills will now work even after monsters have seen you
  • Hunters now drop traps where they stand, and do not have to bend over to place them
  • Experience increase in Thunder Pass / Lava Caverns, random teleport allowed
  • Slight reduction to King Scorpion lightning damage
  • Slight reduction to Dark Devil damage and HP
  • Devouros and Scrofas made slightly weaker

As well as the above, we have been working on the next content update, which we hope to release to you very soon.