Closed Beta Registration

Applications are now closed


How do I become a beta tester?

Applications are now closed. Beta testers will acquire knowledge of the game which may aid them in the launch of RotA. Testers will, however, be expected to share some of their knowledge to the community and show fairness. Beta testers will not keep their characters after testing has ended – the data will be erased.


What is “closed beta”?

Closed beta is a testing phase of the live game environment, with certain restrictions. The selected group of players will be asked to come and enjoy the game before it is officially open to all users worldwide. This allows potential problems and bugs to be eliminated, whilst final adjustments are made.


What is expected of a beta tester?

Beta testers will be expected to play-test Rise of the Archons as if the game was live. During this time, testers should report all bugs and inaccuracies on the support forum provided.

At this stage, beta testers are also expected to report their experience and feelings towards different aspects of the game. This is a good chance for the community to influence the outcome of the final game. Everything reported will be evaluated and considered in open forum.


What happens after beta?

The servers will be isolated from the public once more, and work will continue to finalise the release of RotA. All character data from the beta testing phase will be erased, and a date for release will be announced.


Who will be selected for closed beta?

When you who sign up for selection above, you will be entered into a short-list of testers. You may be contacted further to assess your interest and ability as a tester. There will be a mixture of assessment criteria, although some testers will be selected at random.

In total we will be looking for 30 beta testers. We realise this is may seem a lot, however, it will also allow us to make sure the launch runs smoothly.

✓ The first 10 testers will be hand selected for their expertise and understanding of similar games and environments
✓ Then 10 more testers will be selected at random from the entrees above – submit your email and we will be in touch
✓ The final 10 testers will be selected through competition after registering above