Male Stormcaller

Wielding a trident or a gnarled staff, the Stormcaller may be a formidable enemy or an influential ally. The ability to tame wild animals sets this sorcerer apart and likens him to a Druid in many ways.

Separated at birth, sorcerers are defined by the blood running through their veins.


Female Stormcaller

Stormcallers and Pyromancers do not train together lest the purity of their power be weakened. The Stormcaller’s ability to control ice and electricity give him an exceptional edge in combat.

It is said that the eyes of the sorcerer are scorched and see only the path of destruction that lies ahead, their ability to feel the static in the air admits them supernatural foresight.


Stormcaller Skills and Spells

Ice Blast

Hurl a sphere of ice to freeze opponents and cause cold damage

Train Level: 5


Cast a ring of accelerated air around your body to push away opponents

Train Level: 8

Thunder Strike

Summon a powerful bolt of lightning from the sky

Train Level: 13

Electric Shock

Create an electric charge to stun and possibly confuse animals into becoming your ally

Train Level: 16

Xue Long

A spear of charged ice surges through multiple opponents

Train Level: 19

Cold Blooded

Increase ice damage and resistance

Train Level: 22

Thunder Nova

Create a surrounding blast of electricity attacking multiple enemies

Train Level: 24

Ice Barrage

Create a blizzard of ice devastating opponents and pushing them away

Train Level: 27

Frozen Ground

Summon a flurry of snowflakes freezing the ground below

Train Level: 31

Frozen Shield

Summon a protective shield to absorb damage

Train Level: 34

More to come

More skill details will be released as the game nears launch