Male Pyromancer

The Pyromancer is a Sorcerer of Earth and Fire, a rebellious caster whose skills have amazed and surpassed even the most elite mages.

With the scorching blood of Nebulos in his veins the Sorcerer has mastered fire, flame and destruction. This Anarchist’s fire is as mighty as a star, and can be brought down from the skies, razing fields to the ground.


Female Pyromancer

Training begins in Border Town, where their fascination with arcane magic is sneered on by the Necromancers. The two often clash, but differences are fleeting for education is ascendant.

Though born with fire in the veins, the real power of that burning must first be uncovered.



Elements: Primary(Fire), Secondary(Dark), Tertiary(Lightning)


Pyromancer Skills and Spells


Create a swirling ball of fire and launch it at an opponent

Train Level: 5


Cast a wave of heat around your body to force away opponents

Train Level: 8


Summon the fire spirit Suanni to devastate an opponent

Train Level: 13


Ignite the heart of an opponent causing a fiery explosion burning nearby enemies

Train Level: 16


Set the ground afire and burn enemies that pass through

Train Level: 19


Summon a phoenix to fly through the sky towards a single opponent

Train Level: 23


Cast a wall of hellfire towards opponents

Train Level: 25


Summon a meteor strike from the sky to come crashing down on opponents below

Train Level: 28


Summon a protective shield to absorb physical and magical damage

Train Level: 32


Create a devastating field of fire surrounding yourself and annihilating opponents

Train Level: 34


Summon a wall of fire and ice to protect you from incoming targets

Train Level: 38


Concentrate on releasing untapped magic power at the cost of double mana consumption

Train Level: 40


Summon fire spirit Suanni to devastate multiple opponents

Train Level: 42


Call upon the spirits of Fenghuang to surround yourself with fire annihilating opponents

Train Level: 45


Launch two flaming balls of dragon fire at a single opponent

Train Level: 48


Your hits have a chance to cause a dark effect to monsters, dealing damage over time

Train Level: 56


Surround yourself in an aura providing Fireburn to surrounding allie’s hits

Train Level: 64


Summon an identical mirror image of yourself to help fight by your side

Train Level: 68


Summon balls of fire and lightning that come crashing down on multiple opponents

Train Level: 75


Enhance you mirror image

Train Level: 82


Summon balls of fire and ice that come crashing down on multiple opponents

Train Level: 85