Male Mystic

A Mystic is a true Taoist, with many auras and blessings to augment his own abilities, and those of allies.

The Mystic is originally a Sorcerer of the Taoist faith, protecting the believers in a dangerous world and working to convert unbelievers.

While cruelly deadly in combat, many of his spells vow for good and devastate opponents by banishing evil spirits. The White Wizard wields wands and hiogi, not very adept at close quarters combat however not against giving you a good knock on the head.

Female Mystic

His summoning abilities are impressive and rival only that of the Necromancer, commanding a small team of protectors of the light.

While naturally they do not get along, the Mystic and the Necromancer can make a formidable team due to their strictly opposing nature.



Mystic Skills and Spells

Soul Amulet

Use a single amulet to hurl a soul fire ball at an opponent

Train Level: 6


Increase holy damage

Train Level: 10

Energy Repel

Cast a ring of energy around your body to push away opponents

Train Level: 12


Create a healing fountain above allies to recover health points

Train Level: 16

Summon Shinsu

Summon a mighty Shisnu to fight by your side

Train Level: 20

Burning Amulet

Launch a burning amulet towards an opponent causing damage and fireburn

Train Level: 23

Blessed Shield

Use a single amulet to increase the defences of allies

Train Level: 26


Create a prison of light around monsters

Train Level: 27


Become partially invisible and hide from unintelligent monsters

Train Level: 29


Remove adverse effects from you or an ally

Train Level: 32

More to come

More skill details will be released as the game nears launch