Male Barbarian

Using pure physical force and deadly blades as a means to destroy his enemies, the Barbarian is the culmination of centuries of inter-clan warfare and wilderness survival.

Crushing enemies with pure might, the Barbarian exemplifies close-quarters combat and is an unequaled master of arms, able to wield weapons forged for giants.

These Warriors train in Gingko Tree Valley, where they are known to brutishly mock the Assassins and Rangers for their smaller and weaker builds.

Female Barbarian

Ceaseless clan warfare and the constant struggle to survive in the hostile wilderness are evident in the Warrior’s sturdy and powerful frame.

Though perhaps lacking the sophistication of his civilized contemporaries, the Barbarian has an acute awareness of his surroundings and could carve an ear from a bunny with his eyes masked.



Barbarian Skills and Spells


Randomly increase the destructive power of your sword attacks

Train Level: 6


Increases overall Primal power with skill level

Train Level: 10


Swing your sword in a half moon to attack multiple targets

Train Level: 12

Fire Thrust

Thrust your sword forward attacking two adjacent opponents

Train Level: 16


Charge yourself forwards, pushing back weaker opponents that stand in your way

Train Level: 18

Fire Sword

Summon the spirits of fire to imbue your sword and cause additional damage

Train Level: 22

Hot Blooded

Increase fire damage and resistance

Train Level: 25

Blade Tsunami

Summon a wave of ethereal blades to plough forward into opponents

Train Level: 29


Create a protective field increasing your AC for a short period

Train Level: 32

Storm Thrust

Thrust your sword forward attacking two adjacent opponents

Train Level: 35

More to come

More skill details will be released as the game nears launch