Male Assassin

From the shadows of the winds, comes the Assassin; an order of mage slayers instituted from Gingko to hunt down rogue sorcerers corrupted by demonic magic.

The Assassin`s weapon of choice is a short blade, which they dual wield with high efficiency. Utilizing charge up-techniques, finishing moves and stealth, the Assassin builds up charges in a skill in order to unleash it with deadly effect.


Female Assassin

Assassins train in Gingko Tree Valley, where they are notorious for outwitting and out-pacing the Barbarians.

Though weak in strength, their agile body grants them the ability to remain undetected and allows their high accuracy blows to cause fatal damage to whoever, whatever, stands in their path.




Assassin Skills and Spells

Fast Hands

Increases attack skill and damage

Train Level: 6

Shadow Walk

Become invisible and sneak up on unintelligent opponents

Train Level: 9

Lightning Slash

Devastating dual attack using both blades charged with lightning

Train Level: 12

Fire Slash

Devastating dual attack using both blades charged with fire

Train Level: 16


Kick back all surrounding enemies

Train Level: 19


Slit the throat of an enemy causing devastating damage

Train Level: 21

Ancient Cunning

Increases elemental resistances

Train Level: 24

Corrupt Sword

Imbues your blades with poison that will infect your targets

Train Level: 28

Fatal Sword

Increases the destructive power of your sword attacks

Train Level: 32


Increases the speed of your attacks

Train Level: 36

More to come

More skill details will be released as the game nears launch