Rule of the Arcane Lords

When the ancient rulers of the Old Kingdoms were defeated by the Arcane Lords, they fell into exile for millennia. The human race was almost forgotten and only the strong survived, eventually the bloodlines were reforged, and the time came for — the Rise of the Archons.


The first Archon was Nebulos Smoke, who rose to power after freeing Bichon from the tyrannical rule of the Woomyon Empire. Nebulos Smoke was also the first recorded Fire Summoner, which gave rise to a bloodline of Anarchists, who would go on to change and shape the world many times over.

Under Nebulos’ reign, Bichon entered a golden age of peace and prosperity, but his fight with the Woomas and his time in Helheim in search of a Necromancer had weakened his body and infected him with a wasting illness. Faced with this decay, he vanished from the world, leaving his Empire to fall to the Arcane Lords, under the leadership of Barbarus, a Woomataurus.

The remaining Heroes were unable to replenish and fled into exile — and so began — the Rule of the Arcane Lords.


The Woomyon Empire

The Woomyon Empire spread across much of the Old Kingdom. While the Woomyon Ruler Bestialos was mighty, much of his power flowed from the authority he had over the large numbers of Warriors.
Perceiving him too strong to challenge, the heroes evaded Bestialos for some time. They continued to sabotage outposts and slaughter his Champions, causing disruption and confusion. The Woomyon Ruler eventually had them cornered, but it was too late as their power could no longer be overcome. With the fall of Bestialos, the Kingdom was soon returned to the humans. The Woomas were vanquished and fled into the mountains, where Barbarus, the son of Bestialos, fought for leadership.



The fall of the Old Kingdoms

-8000 BA – Nebulos Smoke

Period of barbarity ended with the rein of Nebulos Smoke

-7800 BA – The Eight Heroes

Nebulos went on a pilgrimage and trained eight Heroes who went on a quest against evil. The Woomas were vanquished and fled into the mountains. After a decade long search for a Necromancer in Helheim, Nebulos fell weak to an infection.

-7000 BA – Period of the Rulers of the Old Kingdoms

The Kingdoms were at peace. Trading was plentiful. The people soon put the past behind them, forgetting skills and lowering defences.

-4000 BA – The Rule of the Arcane Lords

Barbarus the Savage rose to power, conquered Woomyon and Bichon. Humans went into exile and the Heroes’ bloodlines were lost.

Today – The Rise of the Archons

Leaving his Empire under the rule of his minions, Barbarus sought to conquer the New World with his Champion, Brutalos. After a period of millennia the Woomas became fickle and fought among one another. The Humans recovered in numbers and began to rebuild fortifications. Eventually the Heroes bloodlines reforged, and the time came for — the Rise of the Archons.