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Recent Monk Update.

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  • Recent Monk Update.

    Recent Monk Update has been great, Punish mana being halved is a huge change for monks.
    The intensify update is quite nice and unique I like the ideas.
    WhirlWind cd change was definitly needed alongside a damage increase. Repulsion is annoying when your higher lvl then the mobs but i kinda like it.
    However the "Shadow Dash" cooldown change didn't go through still stayed at 16sec cooldown instead of 6sec as intended. Possibly because the spell is called Spirit Rush or just a mistake that was overlooked.
    Either way though id bring it up, glad to see monks getting some loving.

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    Thanks for posting. Glad you are having fun. Shadow Dash is an Assassin skill, our mistake there. Will get that sorted
    Nebulos Smoke