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EM lightning strike

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  • EM lightning strike

    EM way to hard ... trying to face it and if you want to run from his range a lightning will track you and will not stop on having you in target till you die. Thats ridiculous! Please a fix it. Also EM has to drop very very rare items not regular.

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    I will put as rare items in EM’s drop, quest items like Acala set that has a special status or other sets . This way you will have players interested in killing it. Thank you!


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      If it’s anything like arc EM will be an massive group effort as it will be intended like that won’t be able to solo it untill years down the line haha


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        Nobody said that was attended to kill it solo. We were a group. Mass lightning’s are okay. A single lightning that strike you rapidly only if you run from his range till you die. And that’s not can’t use suns to keep up with the damage