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  • 2 questions.....

    1. Are marbles now out of the game, as ive not had a drop in ages. ( been away for over a year so dont know drop list anymore)
    2. were or what drops zumaice and zumafire rings as that quest is taking forever to finish.

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    1. Marbles are still kicking about and dropping and you can now turn them into gems if it wasn’t an thing a year ago just need 3 of them same mainly blue/red mobs and bosses tend to drop em more common

    2.try killing RTZ on 7th they tend to drop zumaice items would say ZT but doubt that’s on the table yet haha


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      cool thanks mate. could do with a few gems as subuk wall refine bloke isnt working, or does he need game gold to work and not bag gold??


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        Fck knows I wouldn’t refine tbh as you’ll only get maxed out on dc / mc later on when you get the 64 weapons when you upgrade them just save your Gg for Either upgrade scrolls or exp pots to level VIP helps out a lot aswell