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Reboot and some skill updates

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  • [Announcement] Reboot and some skill updates

    We are working to release more skill updates, however since a reboot was required we have applied a few that are already ready:
    ✓ Diamond Skin duration increased, movement is restricted and the skill and adds no MDR
    ✓ Whirlwind skill added vortexes
    ✓ Bone Armour skill increased damage reflection & duration but only applies to nearby physical attacks
    ✓ Nurture added new GFX, limited range, increased HP rate and cooldown
    ✓ Soul Shatter increased elemental reduction, updated GFX
    ✓ Thousand Sword added Slow chance to main target
    ✓ Thousand Sword reduced cooldown
    Nebulos Smoke

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    Loving the skills update but think the 3 second CD timer on thousands sword still doesn’t make it pop if we need to slow will just use tiger charge recon it needs an 0 second CD for it to be used / useful and take the slow off? To balance it?

    bone armour and soul shatter amazing update

    can’t comment on ice wizz or monk as don’t play them haha
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